Types of Debit Card Readers



Aside from its 256+ color combinations and 25+ customizable themes, the Lumin Debit Card Reader features multiple languages for display and audio making it extremely inclusive, user-friendly, and an aesthetic dream!

  • Multi-language support
  • Senses the tap anywhere on the screen
  • FCC/CE certified

Edge Readers

With the sleekest design in the industry, the Parafait Edge Readers are a class apart in its black version combined with attractive, flashing LEDs. Not just that, its 3.5″ crisp, colorful display supports animations as well!

  • Wireless operations
  • Buzzer to indicate completion of transaction
  • Available in black version

Beam Reader

The Parafait Beam Reader is another ultra-sleek debit card reader that steals the show with its aesthetic qualities, a 3.5″ crisp, colorful display that supports animations, and its built-in multi-language support!

  • Wireless operations
  • Illuminating surface for easy indication
  • Senses the tap anywhere on the screen


Parafait’s premier Linux-based debit card reader – LuminOS – is a state-of-the-art piece of technology with a 4.5’’ widescreen display and dual-frequency (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) support. It allows multi-gameplay, as well as OTA updates with a web-based server.

  • Interactive touchscreen
  • On-demand server communication for faster performance
  • Optional slotted reader for continuous play without scanning the card again
  • FCC, CE, BIS certified

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Parafait Debit Card Readers?


Aesthetically Designed

Parafait’s debit card readers are always easy on the eye. While the Lumin and LuminOS Readers dazzle the kids with their splash of colors, the Edge and Beam Readers look smart and modern with their sleek, minimalist designs.


Easy to Use

All of Parafait’s debit card readers are equipped with multi-language support, easy tapping, and are 100% wireless! None come close to their convenience and ease of use, with attractive LED sensors and buzzers for notifications.


Up-to-Date Features

Parafait always aspires its services to surpass industry standards, and our debit card readers are no different. With OTA themes and firmware upgrades, our products always ensure the best for the guests!