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20 Sep

Why it’s Time to Update Your Family Entertainment Center POS

Why it’s Time to Update Your POS

A POS system, or point-of-sale system, is something you may take for granted in your theme park or amusement park. It’s something you use every day and probably feels like second nature. Yet, it’s a tool that can make all the difference in your facility’s operations and success. Today, we’ll discuss how you can scale your business’s family entertainment solutions using Parafait’s Family Entertainment Center POS.

Read on to hear why we think it’s time you consider updating your POS system:

Not All family entertainment center POS Systems are Created Equal

Many older systems have limited integration capabilities, leaving you with needing multiple systems in order to manage all of your needs. Multiple software and hardware systems call for higher overhead operation costs, too. To make your life easier, and your time more efficient, it’s best you find a POS system that rolls everything you need into one, like Semnox’s Parafait.

Just the same as arcade POS systems aren’t created equal, Semnox knows that each attraction venue amusement park is unique, too. Your old system may not have the add-on solutions/customizability you wish it had. You may even be overpaying for features you don’t need with an outdated system – depending on your offerings, attractions, and venue type. Parafait allows you to cater your POS system to your venue’s specific needs, with input and advice from our team to help you along the way.

Adventure Park USA, an amusement park in Frederick, MD, became a Semnox customer in November of 2021 when they replaced their old POS system with Parafait’s family entertainment center pos system along with self-service kiosks.

“Semnox demonstrated to us that they are grounded in integrity and that they really put our company and its success at the forefront of this transaction, and have really made this a fantastic experience for both us as a company and for my team to be able to learn and understand how the system works,” said Erik Stottlemyer, CEO and President of Adventure Park USA.

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COVID Has Permanently Changed Things

Friends and families are spending time together again after a long hiatus of missed celebrations and gatherings. That is typically followed by them spending money when they decide to participate in activities during their outings, like in restaurants, in-store retail shopping, and for fun!

Along with gatherings resuming globally, there are other aspects that are here to stay: cue the contactless and self-service transactions. Individuals have assumed the new normal of minimal contact with surfaces, such as checkout lines and tap-to-pay transactions. With cashless card readers and self-service kiosks, people are happy to take care of their needs in their own time, while contracting as few germs as possible.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Updated Your Arcade POS System

In the digital age that we live in, technology is developing almost too fast to keep up with. While it can definitely be positive, if you don’t try to keep up, your competition who is on top of the latest trends and developments will leave you in the dust. That means that even if your family entertainment center POS system was updated even as little as five years ago, in the grand scheme of things, your software is falling behind.

Today’s family entertainment center POS systems have smart technology to keep tabs on individual customer behavior. This can, in turn, suggest add-ons and up-charges they might enjoy adding to their cart, meaning increased revenue for your venue and a larger audience database.

In another aspect, having an outdated POS system can increase your chances of exposing your business to cyber security threats. As technology advances in a positive way, the negatives, unfortunately, follow in the form of hackers, stolen identity attempts, and more.

POS systems that utilize cashless management and RFID tags offer enhanced security thanks to preventing unwanted transfers of tags, no unauthorized access, and eliminating fraud and pilferage.

“We’re very impressed with what we’ve seen so far with Semnox and we are really looking forward to the future and the development that’s coming down the road,” continued Stottlemyer.

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Parafait is the ideal solution for outdoor amusement venues from Semnox — the global leader in technology solutions for the entertainment and leisure industry. They will work with you to develop the perfect solution for your amusement park to help you create unforgettable memories for your guests, while also making your business more resilient and your staff more productive!

Our Family Entertainment Center POS and arcade POS system have helped many businesses automate various processes, increase business, and scale revenue.

Visit the Parafait website to learn more, or contact us to speak with a representative.

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