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waiver management much simpler
1 Sep

“Going digital makes the whole process of waiver management much simpler,” says Umesh Prabhu — FEC Head for Semnox

“Going digital makes the whole process of waiver management much simpler,” says Umesh Prabhu — FEC Head for Semnox

Digital waiver management is revolutionizing the entertainment and leisure industry, streamlining the process by which waivers are signed and validated. The Parafait waiver management solution is quickly emerging as one of the most preferred solutions in the market. 

To understand the popularity of digital waiver management and the effectiveness of the Parafait solution, we spoke to Umesh Prabhu — FEC Head for Semnox. If you are considering going digital with waiver management at your venue or want to understand more about the solution, keep reading!

Q: Why do Parafait clients choose to go for digital waiver management? What are some of their frustrations with legacy waiver systems?

The most obvious advantage of digital waiver management is that it is paperless. Keeping track of and storing paper is now a thing of the past! Guests can sign waivers online even before they visit the venue. At the venue, they can do it themselves at a self-service kiosk. And the staff can even meet the guests anywhere in the venue and get the waiver signed in a jiffy! Retrieving the signed waivers for validation is also easy as the staff simply have to type in the guest’s email or phone number. So it becomes super-convenient for guests and very streamlined for operators as well.

Q: What types of venues is this module ideal for? And what impact does this module have on the business operations of these venues? 

Any and all adventure activity-based venues need a waiver management solution to educate their customers about the risks involved. This includes trampoline parks, rock climbing walls, rope courses, skating arenas, and so on. In terms of the business impact — the key impact is that it makes the whole process of waiver management much simpler. Operators can conduct reporting without the need to file papers. 

Q: Isn’t data security a concern? How does the Parafait waiver module comply with requirements like the GDPR guidelines? 

Yes, security is something we take very seriously. The key feature to know about here is the Waiver Code — which is like an OTP to make sure that the customers don’t have to share their personal details with anybody. Moreover, all the data is encrypted and stored securely.

Q: Does digital waiver management cut down the time a guest would spend on this formality? 

Yes of course, as guests can complete the formalities online before they even visit the venue. When they do walk in, they can go straight to having fun! Even if they have to sign the waiver, they can do so at a kiosk, tablet, or at the POS, the process is seamless and quick — much faster than paper waivers for sure. Staff can also easily tag the waiver to the purchase without having to verify the details entered. The whole process moves faster. 

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Q: When there are multiple activities that require a waiver, or when the venue is a chain with multiple connected locations, does the guest have to sign a different waiver every time? 

This depends on the local laws that a venue will need to adhere to. But yes, once the waiver is signed in any one location, it can be valid across all the connected venues. Also, multiple waivers can be signed in one go in case multiple activities are involved. 

Q: What is in store for the future of this module? 

The Parafait team is working to make waivers available within the SmartFun app — which is a white-label app for FECs. We will also continue to simplify the experience, making it easier for operators and staff. And as with all our offerings, we continue to collect feedback from our customers and keep an eye on industry trends to ensure that our products and services are the best of the best! 

Advantages of Digital Waiver Management for Entertainment Venues

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