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Unlock Timed Sessions With Radian Wristband for Entertainment Venues
23 Jul

Unlock Timed Sessions With Radian Wristband for Entertainment Venues

Unlock Timed Sessions With Radian Wristband for Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues like trampoline parks and indoor play areas require guests to be ushered in and out for time-defined activities. The traditional approach has been to use fixed time slots, different colored wristbands, and human timekeepers. This approach is ineffective and results in the underutilization of the available capacity of the venue. 

With that in mind, entertainment venues are turning to smarter solutions for automated timekeeping. We are going to look at one such solution today — the Parafait Radian RFID wristband.

Built on RFID-based Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Radian helps notify guests through light and vibration patterns, letting them know how much time is left (or if the time is up). With an attractive design that kids absolutely love, this cost-effective wearable device helps cut staffing and overhead costs as well!

Curious? Read on to learn more!

The Ideal Wristband for Timed Sessions

The Radian wristband is lightweight, robust, and durable — making it the ideal option for game zones or play areas like trampoline parks that involve check-in and check-out based on timed sessions. 

  • Simple to set up: The LED bezel of the Radian can be configured with light patterns using the Parafait Web Management Studio (WMS) and Parafait POS applications. 
  • Minute-based tracking: Guests can now enter the play area as soon as they visit the venue instead of waiting for a predefined time slot to begin. And you can allocate different time limits based on what the guest asks for. This is possible because the Radian tracks time by the minute. 
  • Wide range coverage: Radian uses standard wireless communication, providing a wide range of coverage across your venue. 
  • Rechargeable battery: The Lithium-ion battery will last up to 24 hours on a full charge, and the charging station has multiple slots allowing you to charge multiple bands at once. The stations can also be connected in series for added convenience! 

An Easy Check-In, Easy Check-Out Experience

When your guest purchases entry to your venue, they are given a Radian to wear on their wrist. From that moment, it’s a simple 3-step experience with the band: 

  1. Check-in to the activity: This is as simple as tapping the wristband on an RFID reader — like the Parafait LuminOS — which validates the entry and allows your guest to enter the play zone or game area. 
  2. Pre-defined notifications: The system uses wireless Radio Frequency communication with the Radian to notify the guest. The color and vibration pattern tells the guest what the status of the session is. This need not be complicated — for example, the band can glow blue at halftime and red when time is up!
  3. Seamless checkout: Checking out is easy as checking in — the guest has to simply tap the wristband on the RFID reader at the exit and then hand over the device to the staff.

Operators don’t have to worry about keeping a track of time and guests can focus on having fun — after all, that’s what they pay for! 

The Perfect Add-On to the Parafait Trampoline Park Software

The Radian wristband is the perfect add-on to the Parafait trampoline park software — which includes integrated online and on-site trampoline park ticketing software, RFID lockers, party booking software, cashless payments, membership management, waiver management, campaigns and promotions management, loyalty engine, digital signage, and much more! 

Parafait is trusted by over 1,800+ entertainment venues worldwide — including trampoline parks, skating rinks, arcades, rock climbing zones, and other indoor play areas. With 12+ modules working together, Parafait allows you to manage all venue operations from one place! 

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