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17 May

Crafting a Personalized Experience for Your FEC Guests with FEC Software

Crafting a Personalized Experience for Your FEC Guests With These Tech Tools

The modern era of technology makes it feel as though computers are literally living beings reading our minds. Despite the moments that technology can border on being almost too accurate at depicting our personal interests and behaviors, personalization is still something that is desired in the customer buying process. In fact, in a report by McKinsey & Company, 71% of consumers expect some aspect of personalization, and 76% of consumers become upset or at least think negatively (of a brand) when they don’t receive any element of personalization throughout their interactions with a brand.

When it comes to entertainment and leisure, guests want their experience to reflect their distinct preferences.  That includes family entertainment centers. So, how do you provide a unique, personalized customer experience for everyone, as your customer base grows by leaps and bounds?

Well, that is easier said than done — when you don’t have the right systems in place! Some challenges that family entertainment centers face when trying to implement personalized experiences include a lack of data, difficulty analyzing insights, insufficient automated processes, and too many vendors to integrate. 

Without data and company insights, it isn’t possible to create a personalized experience. And without automated processes, using data manually is very time-consuming and inefficient.  If you have multiple vendors involved with your technology such as your arcade POS system, game card readers, and birthday booking software, finding common ground to pull data and use it effectively can be difficult to almost impossible. 

Let’s look at some tech tools that will help you be successful in crafting a personalized FEC experience for your guests.

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All-in-One FEC Software

With an all-in-one FEC software solution, you get to manage your FEC operations on a single platform. Data storage, analysis, and management are centralized and in sync at all times. So as an operator, you will be able to analyze the health of your business as well as guest behavior easily.

The data pulled from various touchpoints across your venue as well as your online booking systems will be in sync, allowing you to track guest behavior from entry to exit. This includes the popularity of games and attractions at your venue, the hottest-selling food and beverage items in your cafe, the demographic profile of your guests, and much more. Having all this data sorted systematically is the first and most crucial step for creating personalized experiences for your FEC guests. 

Reporting & Analytics FEC Software

Apart from giving your venue a competitive edge, having relevant insights into your guests’ behaviors will help you deliver quick customer service and anticipate your guest’s needs before they express them. This in turn can increase conversions and, more importantly, build brand loyalty – a crucial element with the ever-increasing competition that enters the field.

Reporting and Analytics FEC software can help create a personalized experience for your guests in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples that would make your FEC experience stand out from the rest: 

  • Provide your staff with information on a particular guest who’s due to visit this afternoon (based on an online booking) and get them to greet the guest by name when they arrive at your venue.
  • Suggest a game or attraction based on their data. For example, if they have young children, you can send them a message or email about which attractions are best for their child’s age group. 
  • Get details of their favorite games/activities, as well as their food & beverage choices at your venue, and then suggest the same on subsequent visits! 
  • Developing drip email campaigns weeks before the birthdays of your FEC guests will help you be the obvious choice for their celebration! 
  • Remind them of a previous visit. For repeat visitors or those who return over and over again, you can reward them with a free attraction, or a simple thank you card can also go a long way.

Comprehensive CRM Software

Customer Relationship Management empowers operators to look at the world through your customer’s eyes, and engage them even after they’ve left the venue. It can build long-term relationships with guests including the ability to provide personalized experiences. 

Here are some ways that comprehensive CRM software can be used to leverage your business:

  • Promotions & Campaigns: If want to launch a marketing campaign that provides special birthday, anniversary, or discount offers and personalized promotions for guests, a reliable CRM module will allow you to do exactly that. 
  • Memberships: The CRM module can help you identify your most loyal guests and give you the ability to offer them a VIP membership. This promotes continued patronage of your venue, gives them a reason to tell their family and friends to visit, and it also brings in a steady source of revenue for you.  Memberships show your most loyal guests that you value them and are willing to go out of your way to show them how much they mean to your business! 
  • Loyalty Points: The Loyalty Engine of an effective CRM module helps craft personalized rewards programs for your guests. For example, you could set up a rule where customers get awarded points for hitting a cumulative spend of $1000 at your venue or on their 10th visit to the venue. These points can be accumulated in the guest’s account and later be redeemed for discounts on purchases, merchandise, or gift items.

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Digital Signage Solutions for FECs

Digital signage has traditionally been used for wayfinding or to communicate important information to guests around the venue. But digital signage can also be used to personalize guest experiences with integrated FEC software solutions.  

This can be as simple as a welcome message with the guest’s name displayed on the signage when the guest enters the venue. Additionally, it can be also used to display celebratory messages, such as when a guest hits a new high score on an arcade game or is celebrating a birthday.

Mobile App for Your FEC Guests

Considering that most of us use our smartphones more often than our desktops or laptops, a mobile app for your Family Entertainment Center guests makes a lot of sense. Guests can now manage their accounts, recharge cards, view balances and loyalty points, play games in the virtual arcade, and much more — anytime and anywhere.

With the power of push notifications, operators can engage their guests more effectively than ever! Notify guests through the app of any new promotions or loyalty-related communication and give them an easy path to purchase before they even step foot into your facility. 

A mobile-first approach is a sure-shot way to get returns on your marketing investments and a mobile app that seamlessly integrates with your arcade POS system is the best way to execute this strategy effortlessly. 

Personalization Is the Future of FEC Experiences

Not only will personalization improve your guest experience and give your entertainment venue a competitive edge, but it also gives your family entertainment center the ability to increase revenue by driving sales. As more data is gathered about guest behavior and choices over time, the ability of operators to personalize the guest experience compounds and create offers that improve your bottom line.

Parafait from Semnox Solutions offers an all-in-one FEC software and is the answer to making sure your facility is in line with the times, and even a step ahead, in providing your guests with the best experience.

Contact us today for help with any questions or to set up a free demo!

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